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Here to Serve You

Our Philosophy: You deserve assistance from someone who cares. Before I look at a single figure, investment, or policy, I learn everything about YOU—where you grew up, your family life, your values, and your particular needs and desires. Only then have I earned the right to learn more about your particular financial picture. Rather than showing fancy video projections or complex printouts, I strive to explain decisions—and their implications—in plain English. In fact, my idea of a fancy graphic is a drawing on a piece of notebook paper that anyone can understand. I work hard to help make your life simpler.

I provide targeted, personal financial and investment advice to a broad variety of individuals and businesses. My carefully selected team works closely with you to offer specific strategies and solutions about these areas and more:

401(k) Plans
Defined Benefit Plans
Tax-Protected Strategies for High-Performing Professionals
Qualified plan analysis (review)
Retirement-Income Investments
Retirement Income Protection and Preservation During Career Transition
Early Corporate Retirement Strategies
Transition from Full-time Work to other Activities
Guaranteed Income Strategies for retirement

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